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XLO cable Lines

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XLO Shows Updated Reference-3 and Signature-3 Cable Lines At Salon Son & Image in Montreal, Rooms 1304 and 2403

XLO cables

Ultralink/XLO Products, Inc., an innovative and prolific manufacturer of award-winning audio and video interconnects, cables and AC power products, shows their completely updated Signature-3™ and Reference-3™ interconnects and cable lines at this year’s Salon Son & Image in Montreal, March 25th through the 28th.

What Are You Doing? As Little As Possible!
Cables are everywhere in an audio/video system; without quality cable engineering and manufacture most of the performance stays locked up inside your components. Relying on a jumble of different cables to tone-control a system is equally unsound. Cables should just… get out of the way. And there’s the rub; it’s extraordinarily difficult to make cables that sound like nothing at all.

But XLO is in an excellent position to get closer to… the sound of nothing.

“We control the manufacturing of our own product, just as we’ve done for more than 15 years,” enthuses XLO’s president Allen Sung, “giving us 100 percent quality control backed with a lifetime warranty. We have the capacity, machining and engineering expertise to work the conductor and dielectric materials.
We design and produce all our specialist connectors. The product is of such quality that it’s supplied OEM to a surprising number of other brands.”

Reference-3 and Signature-3 interconnect and speaker cables are custom-drawn 99.99998% (« Six Nines ») pure Laboratory Grade copper. Signature-3’s higher specification calls for UPOCC 6N copper (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting process). Proprietary Field-Balanced™ winding – how each signal-bearing conductor is arrayed relative to the others – is optimized for the interactive relationship between current-controlled electromagnetic fields formed around a cable’s conductors, and the electrostatic fields formed around its insulation when an audio or digital/video signal passes.

Reference-3 and Signature-3 are designed with to minimize capacitive discharge effects. As current passes through insulated conductors capacitance effects store signal energy in the surrounding dielectric material that’s either turned into heat or quickly released out of phase back into the signal path as soon as the polarity changes leading to signal cancellations, reduced low-level detail, smearing, and out-of-phase artifacts causing spurious sound or picture distortions!

XLO reduces stored energy with low-mass dielectrics and the best materials with the minimum dielectric constant and the fastest “dump rate” – the faster the energy returns or dumps from the dielectric, the less distortion you hear.

Even our hand-terminated connectors are direct-plated 24k gold with no shiny but poor-sounding nickel substrate: Nickel is ferrous and becomes magnetized when passing signal current. The magnetic field is modulated by the electrical signal and the connector retains a residual magnetic charge. Making our own connectors also allows XLO to ensure constant impedance from one end to the other.

XLO is Your Cable Solutions Company!

Retail prices start at $290 for Reference-3 half meter audio pair and $590 for Signature-3 half meter audio pair.

About XLO
Ultralink/XLO Products Inc., headquartered in Ontario, California is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance audio and video cables and UltraPower™ AC power products, Canada’s market share leader in the field. In early 2002 Ultralink Products Inc. acquired XLO Electric Co., Inc. a well-known brand of audiophile reference cables and interconnects.

Ultralink also introduced the elegant “Engineering Truth” Argentum Acoustics™ line of cables and accessories. Ultralink is a member of PARA, CEDIA and the CEA. For more information on Ultralink/XLO and their product brands call (909) 947-6960 or find them at or learn more about XLO at and Argentum Acoustics at

ULTRALINK/XLO PRODUCTS, INC. 1951 South Lynx Avenue Ontario, California, U.S.A. 91761 Tel: (909) 947-6960 Fax: (909) 947-6970 Web:

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