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The Veloce by Stereolab

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The Veloce by Stereolab

STEREOLAB™ announces BLACK CAT CABLE™, a subdivision created within the Stereolab organization, intending to deliver maximum performance for a minimum price.

The first product onto the Black Cat line will be a pure, 75 Ohm digital cable called Veloce – after the Italian word for « fast »

« It’s derived from my $250 (Stereovox) XV-2 design, which we discontinued after introducing the XV-Ultra late last year under the new brand marque Stereolab, » said Sommovigo, designer for Stereolab cables. « As an entry-level digital cable, it’s yet another giant slayer – a tightly controlled 75 Ohm Digital Cable Extraordinaire! »

Sommovigo, who is best known for his digital cable designs beginning with the Illuminati cables of the 1990’s, has also designed a fair selection of digital, analog and phono cables over the past 18 years, both under his own corporate monikers as well as for other companies.

« Once we’ve established Veloce in the market, we’re planning to introduce some Black Cat power cords, loudspeaker cables, and interconnects. All of these will share technology derived from our more advanced Stereolab cables, only in ‘lite’ form. »

The Veloce digital cable is slated to retail for $123.00 USD for 1.23 meters, and will not be available in any other length.

Black Cat Cable will be introduced through a « hybrid-retail » sales model in the USA, being available for direct sale at Black Cat Cable’s web site, as well as from their exclusive retailer, The Cable Company. As a result of this new sales model, which operates on very abbreviated margins, Veloce is priced much lower than it would have been through traditional industry sales models.
« We chose The Cable Company because of our long standing relationship with Robert Stein. We go back together over 15 years, when The Cable Company was a retailer for Illuminati digital cables. The Cable Company is like family, » shared Chris.

The Veloce digital cable comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. When purchased from The Cable Company, customers also have the option to try the cable before they buy it through the use of their Cable Lending Library.

Stereolab have also made an arrangement with The Cable Company to provide for a 100% trade-in value for Veloce when upgrading to the Stereolab XV-Ultra digital cable. Users will have the option of trading up during their first 365 days of ownership of the Veloce cable, truly extending the value of the offer.

« It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased the Veloce direct from the Black Cat site or from The Cable Company, » stated Sommovigo. « The 60 Day MBG and the offer to upgrade to the category-busting XV-Ultra is the same thanks to The Cable Company’s exclusive Stereolab upgrade offer. »

Veloce is due to be released to the market in early April. Interested parties will be advised of the release via Black Cat Cable’s website’s newsletter.

To receive the newsletter, please visit Black Cat Cable’s website and sign in.

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