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The Naim UnitiQute

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The Naim UnitiQute

A new product from Naim Audio. Canadian suggested retail price will be 2,200$, availability April 2010.

– performance with desirability

CES Show Las Vegas; Naim Audio the UK’s largest and most successful specialist audio manufacturer launches UnitiQute a smaller more compact all-in-one system than NaimUniti Naim Audio’s multi award-winning system.

Naim developed UnitiQute recognising a new breed of consumers – those who want the performance and the convenience that new technology brings but will not accept the compromise in performance that following this route from a non-audiophile brand might entail.

The UnitiQute is the first high-end remote controlled all-in-one audio player to offer so many sources: FM & Internet Radio (plus DAB in supporting markets), MP3 / iPod (Authenticated digital iPod connection), Streamed audio and USB. Key to UnitiQute is its digital audio streaming capabilities.

UnitiQute can wirelessly stream music stored on UPnP™ networked devices, providing access to even more music including – the increasingly popular – hi-resolution 24bit / 96kHz WAV or FLAC files. With its onboard 24bit / 192kHz capable DAC, UnitiQute is the ultimate audio source hub, able to interface with digital audio sources, such as computers and gaming consoles and the latest TVs.

UnitiQute combines proven and multi-award winning analogue engineering as it is derived from Naim’s top selling and again multi-award winning, NAIT 5i integrated amplifier with state-of- the-art up–to-the-minute digital engineering to deliver the sonic performance to make the most discriminating customer proud.

The large linear power supply designed for UnitiQute ensures that it can deliver the necessary goods even at party levels.
The industrial design reflects the company’s belief in understatement and elegance.
The design however is not just cosmetic: the choice of non-magnetic materials — to reduce eddy currents significantly — and the fit and finish are all added extras in the performance.

UnitiQute will be available worldwide in March.

Feature summary

A complete audio system – just add speakers

– UPnP™-enabled for playback of network-stored audio / internet broadcasts from PC, Mac or NAS drives
– Front-panel USB for iPod/MP3 player and USB memory stick playback
– Multi-format radio (FM/DAB*/Internet)
– Apple authenticated enabling digital output from iPod for ultimate quality
– iPod control, charging and front-panel content display when connected to front-panel USB port via standard iPod cable
– 3.5mm front panel input that supports both analogue and digital sources
– Two analogue inputs (3.5mm front-panel socket and RCA)
– Onboard DAC with five 24bit / 192kHz capable S/PDIF inputs for external digital sources
– Preamplifier and 45W per channel into 4Ω, 30W per channel into 8Ω power amplifier
– Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connectivity
– Plays WAV, MP3, Windows Media–formatted content, AAC and FLAC from any suitable UPnP™ device together with WAV, AAC, MP3 and Apple Lossless (from an iPod)
– Switchable bass contour control for low-volume listening
– Bass management system for use with subwoofer-satellite loudspeaker systems
– Digital output on 75Ω BNC connector (RCA adapter supplied)
– Front-panel display with intuitive interface, remote-controlled
– Front-panel 3.5mm headphone output
– Front panel logo touch-sensitive mute function
– Full vTuner 5* internet radio service
– Linear Power supply with 200VA toroidal transformer with three separate windings
– Separate power supplies for digital, analogue, and power amplifier
– Ground selector switch for optimum performance
– High quality Wolfson DAC
– Naim compact, non-resonant, non-magnetic case
– OLED display for high contrast and easy visibility
– British design and build
*In markets supporting DAB

UPnP is a trademark of the UPnP forum
Windows Media TM is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
iPod and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

Naim products are designed and manufactured at the Naim headquarters in Salisbury England. Naim pride themselves as being an engineering led company where technical excellence vies with sound quality as being the primary driver.
Every aspect of the design and build is under Naim’s control. Production is cellular: one person assembles a complete product to instil the pride of ―getting it right, the first time – every time‖.

CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree

The Naim Audio UnitiQute has been named an International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a pre-eminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 36 product categories.
Naim Audio’s UnitiQute will be displayed at the 2010 International CES, January 7-10, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase will feature honorees by product category in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention.

The Innovations entries are judged based on the following criteria:

– Engineering qualities, based on technical specs and materials used
– Aesthetic and design qualities, using photos provided
– The product’s intended use/function and user value
– Unique/novel features that consumers would find attractive
– How the design and innovation of the product compares to other products in the market

Products chosen as an Innovations honoree reflect innovative design and engineering of the entries. Examples may include the first time various technologies are combined in a single product or dramatic enhancements to previous product designs.
A selection of the awards achieved by NaimUniti during 2009

What Hifi? Sound and Vision Magazine – Product of the Year – Systems
Hi-Fi World Magazine – Best System
Gramophone Magazine – Audio Product of 2009
Stuff Magazine – Audio Product of the Year – highly commended
Tone Audio – Product of the Year Award

The Naim Label is far from alone in offering hi-resolution audio downloads. The files, generally in .WAV or .FLAC format, are usually at digital resolutions containing four times the data rate of standard CD quality. They deliver a quality far in excess of CD.

For further information, please contact:
North America
Steve Harris
AudioPlus Communications
Tel: +44 20 8642 4436
Alison Fraser
Naim Audio Limited
Tel: +44 1722 426673
Jennifer Smith Naim Inc
Tel: (317) 842-7224 Email:
Dave Dever
Naim Inc
Tel: Tel: (317) 842-7224

About Naim
Naim has a passionate and committed interest in music. This is as true today as it was at the time of the company’s formation in Salisbury, England, over 35 years ago. Enjoyment of music has driven Naim to design and manufacture the finest range of audio equipment available.

Top engineering principles ensure that all Naim products meet and exceed the measurable parameters essential for state-of-the-art performance, safety and reliability: all essential qualities for which Naim is renowned. Measurement alone, however, is not enough: every product must also deliver the emotion of music.
This is what makes good hi-fi great hi-fi.

Naim quality requires an attention to detail verging on the obsessive: a special and unique approach to component selection and system design, all within a highly specialised production environment. Every aspect of a Naim product’s design is considered for its impact on sound quality.

Naim’s toughest critics are its management and its employees. Together with customers – music lovers and numerous musicians, who regard Naim’s products as the closest to live music – Naim push onward on a path of continuous improvement.

Naim does not chase market fashion and will not move from its overriding objective of achieving consistent musical performance. The company has its own record label, the Naim Label, which specialises in high-quality music recordings. Naim has moved steadily into the world of Audio Video and Multi-Room, introducing the award-winning n-Vi CD/DVD all-in-one player and a range of multi-room audio products: NaimNet, designed to bring new customers to the Naim fold without sacrificing Naim’s legendary performance. Naim also announced an exclusive partnership with Bentley Motors in 2008, with the launch of the Naim for Bentley Premium Audio System, which is available across all Bentley models.

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