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STEREOLAB™ by, Chris Sommovigo


The Signal Collection, LLC (TSC), a specialty distributor of fine audio equipment and manufacturer of highly-regarded audiophile cables, announces today that it will no longer be using the « STEREOVOX » moniker due to issues surrounding that trademark, and has adopted use of the name Stereolab™ – which it has registered with the USPTO.

Under the Stereolab umbrella, TSC will continue to manufacture audiophile cables designed by Chris Sommovigo under several categories:

* The Studio: A « performance first » approach using tubular copper, Mil-Spec silver-plated copper, and low-density PTFE dielectrics.
* The Reference: State of the Art cable designs that employ custom silver and silver-plated copper conductors in low density PTFE dielectrics.
* TOMBO: Limited-Edition, artisan-grade cables.
* The Dragon: No-holds-barred reference cables for the ultra-reference system. Please visit: for product information.

Information and Contact:
Chris Sommovigo

The Signal Collection, LLC
p: +1 678.528.8077
c: +1 404.509.5505

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