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Silentplugs by Audio Exklusiv

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Our quest for high fidelity leads us to explore every possible avenue in the hope of improving what we hear.
On our journey we have learned that the smaller the signal loss, the better the sound reproduction, or to put it another way, less noise equals more music.
Today, we know from experience that good acoustics, a good AC power supply, effective vibration control (rack, shelving, points) and proper speaker placement all go to make the foundation of a hi-fi system worthy of the name.

Silentplugs by Audio Exklusiv

What I didn’t know before this test was that undesirable vibrations can be controlled right at the circuit board. May I present to you, in the accessories corner, the Audio Exklusiv Silentplug?

A lot of you will think that it’s one more exotic gadget, a piece of audiophile voodoo, an esoteric thingy for the audiophile who is bored with his system. Well, you can forget that. This is a whole other thing and I was surprised by it myself, which is why you’re reading about it here.


Origin : Germany
Objective : control vibration and resonance on the circuit board.

The manufacturer also claims that the Silentplug reduces distortion. We were not able to verify this and it leaves me puzzled.


Close up to Silentplugs

The four Silentplugs in the box look like male RCA connectors, the difference being that the hot or centre pin is made of a sort of dense, nonconducting white felt. The rest of the plug is metal covered with a black plastic material.
Preliminary question
Do the Silentplugs really have an effect on sound?
Yes, without any doubt.

Alain’s Opinion
They quiet things down, they filter or something, but whatever they do, it works on the sound for sure.
The piano seems livelier, the guitar is more present. On the other hand I felt that the bass was less present, not as full. The mids seemed nearer to the listening chair. I didn’t go for them all that much but I didn’t try them on the other RCA plugs in back of my CD player.

My Own Opinion

My own hifi system while Silentplugs test

Apparently something really does happen when you use Silentplugs. I wouldn’t call it filtering as such, instead I would say there’s more coherence.
The sound seems more coherent to me—if there had still been any colouration, it was gone now. The music didn’t seem changed, in fact to me it sounded more real, as though artifacts had been cleaned away. It’s a subtle effect but it only takes a few seconds to hear.
I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there was an isolating material around the body of the Silentplug.
Is it an improvement or just a difference?
Whatever it is, I found it worthwhile to keep a pair of Silentplugs in the back of my CD player. Does that answer the question?

Price of 4 Silentplugs : $199

Verdict about Silentplugs

Points forts Strengths :

• Easy to install
• Positive effect on sound
• German made

Points faibles Weaknesses :

• Nothing to speak of, except perhaps that we don’t know what they’re made of.

Silentplugs behind the CDP integris

Who would have thought that vibration control at the back of our precious equipment could affect the sound so much?


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Have a nice day and happy listening !


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