Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Review procedure


The review procedure :

We have three different system setups at our disposal which will allow us to get the personality of your product right.

Our philosophy is a little different to other publications as we publish our test results in a blog.

People can share their experience of a product with our readers; and manufacturers and distributors are welcome to follow up as well.

We jealously guard our freedom in writing our reviews, but are open to discuss a review before publishing.

If we cannot come to an agreement before publishing a review, we will not put your product on our website.

Being a new publisher just getting off the ground, we need valuable review material and products such as yours.

In return, we offer a window for your products not only for the French speaking community in Canada but also for audiophiles worldwide.

The Owner of the material is responsible for shipping both ways, using a courier of your choice. You can hand-deliver to our offices if you wish. Material will be kept for approximately 30 up to 120 working days.

Please contact us to discuss the product you want reviewed, our schedule or for any other questions.

We do not charge for review.

Kind regards,

Magazine-Audio & Magazine-Hifi Team.