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Randall K is working to making audio cool again

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Randall K Designer HiFi was started a little under a year ago with one mission, to make audio cool again and get people passionate about wanting to share music and audio the very same way it was infused in us.

Rany Kunin and his daughter

Rany Kunin and his daughter

To do this, we are building limited edition functional audio art that at the very least are conversation pieces, and, perform at state of the art levels. We feel that for too long, people would purchase a piece of equipment to hide it in their audio cave.
The only way the audio business will drive groups of music lovers towards finer equipment and enjoy listening is to make audio an inclusive sport and not an exclusive one, as well as offering unique, high performance products.

Each hand made pair of Randall K speakers are limited editions to insure exclusivity and value. Randall K speakers can be custom tailored in both color and material utilized to add another level of personalization. We want our clients to be an integral part of the process and to take pride in owning a Randall K loudspeaker.

Multiple steps with industry leading technology and craftsmanship are employed to assure that performance is commensurate with the aesthetics. Randall K designs mate wide band drivers with a midbass/bass driver to achieve the coherency of a single driver loudspeaker, along with the output and dynamics of a multiway. Our designs allow coherence, musicality and timing to be taken to a previously unattainable level. Resonance and internal timing errors are addressed using our AIR technology (Asynchronous Internal Randomization) for ultimate musical reproduction. The shapes and contours of Randall K cabinets are chosen to minimize internal reflections and minimize all of the non-desirable restrictions that putting a speaker into a box causes.

Randy Kunin speaker

Randy Kunin speaker

We are currently looking for 10-15 Dealers in the US and 10 -15 International Distributors that would like to offer the Randall K designs exclusively, people who want to bring excitement back into our industry and attract much needed new blood into our beloved sport. Our speakers truly will separate you from your competitors as something you can’t wait to show off from a sonic and aesthetic perspective.

Randy Kunin speaker

Randy Kunin speaker

If you are one of those Dealers that truly cares about music and desires to make listening to music fun and cool again, as well as growing your business, please contact me at:


Website: www.randall-k.com

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