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Nordost Sort Kone

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Staying Current

One thing that we at Nordost continue to do is help our dealers understand more and more about the products we manufacture. Knowledge is power and the purpose of this first fact sheet is to showcase one of our unique products.

Nordost Sort Kone

Sort Kones

The Sort Kone is a sophisticated, directly coupled and mechanically tuned resonance control device, using a sophisticated new approach to the problem of supporting sensitive electronics.

Why the word “Sort”?

Because it’s Danish for black, which is exactly what the Sort Kones provide –a blacker background to your music. With it comes greater focus, instrumental color, depth, transparency and dynamic range. Your system will sound more natural and more lifelike and your music more lively and engaging.
Whereas most equipment supports are referred to as Isolation Devices, this actually completely misunderstands the nature of the problem.

The most harmful mechanical energy doesn’t enter the equipment from the outside; it’s generated internally by the audio circuits and their power supplies

Transformers, power supply caps, even the active devices themselves, all vibrate as they operate – and those vibrations occur right where the fragile signal is, creating timing errors that smear and distort the music.

Nordost Sort Kone

The Sort Kone is designed specifically to deal with this threat to audio fidelity.

Three-part construction employs superior materials in a mechanically tuned configuration.

Bypasses soft feet fitted to equipment in order to provide direct mechanical ground path for internal energy.

Can be used in triplets, quartets or even larger numbers.

Four levels of price and performance, depending on materials employed:

  • AS- Aluminum w/steel coupling ball
  • AC –Aluminum w/ceramic coupling ball
  • BC- Bronze w/ceramic coupling ball
  • TC – Titanium w/ceramic coupling ball

Contact and information

Bruno de Lorimier
Unison Sales Resources
tel. (905) 352-3615
cell. (905) 767-566

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