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New Web address for Kaye Audio, Inc. is now!

Dear Kaye Audio and Moscode Friends and Customers,


Recently, which has hosted my Kaye Audio Inc. website: Moscode.
Home.Att.Net (and before that George Kaye Audio Labs, Inc.) , has discontinued their webhosting service. Unfortunately at their urging I made the switch to their new service too soon and disabled my Moscode.

Home.Att.Net site address without being aware of it and with no redirect link either.

I have now moved my « legacy website » (same old site) to these new addresses: or Either one will get you there. And we will upgrade it to bring it into this millennium, I promise.

So at your earliest convenience please update your bookmark from to and stop by to check it out.

I offer the same repair and upgrade services for all Moscode and NYAL OTL products, either new or legacy from the NYAL period.
We also repair or upgrade any tube audio product from any other manufacturer: CJ, ARC, Cary, VTL, VAC, Jolida, etc. and do audio consulting for industry and the home.

Our email address’s are or and as always you may call me at 802 257 5085 or 413 493 6523.

Our shipping address is 74 Cotton Mill Hill A124, Brattleboro, VT 05301

Thanks and keep your tubes lit!, George Kaye ?

Audio Consulting Repairs and Upgrades by George Kaye

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