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iPhone combo

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iPhone iPod Hi-Fi, Trends Combo 1i Hi-Fi System released!

Combo iPhone by Trends Audio

ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand¨Trends Audio »(, today announced its new Hi-Fi Combo

– Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi System. Using the latest release of Trends iPhone to RCA Audiophile cable and unique PC/iPod input with higher gain in Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Preamp, making Trends Combo 1i Hi-Fi System perfect for integrating the iPhone or iPod into the audio system and achieves the tube sound quality of high-end Hi-Fi with affordable price.

Trends has produced a short, about 4 minutes video detailing how Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi System provides audiophile quality sound,here

« The audiophiles enjoy the music from iPhone or iPod as they have an internal D/A conversion in Line out and excellent digital output design, iPhone or iPod becomes a high-end CD transport to work with Trends Combo 1i Hi-Fi System, providing better sound quality, larger storage capacity and a more user-friendly interface than most standard CD players, » said David Ho, Marketing Director, Trends Audio « Just hook up your iPhone or iPod and connect your favorite speakers, Trends Combo 1i iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi System is the perfect marriage between convenience and performance. »

Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi system supports:

1) iPhone ( 2G &3G Version)
2) iPod 3 Gen.
3) iPod 4 Gen (Color & photo)
4) iPod 5 Gen (5.5 Gen)
5) iPod Classic (6 Gen)
6) iPod Mini (1 & 2 Gen)
7) iPod nano (1, 2, 3 & 4 Gen)
8) iPod Touch (1 & 2 Gen)

As Hi-Fi companies mature and realize the importance of turning iPhone and iPod into the ultimate media servers, the audiophiles or music lover look for solutions with full musical benefit out of their portable music collections from the iPhone or iPod. Trends Combo 1i Hi-Fi System will be a good way to star iPhone iPod Hi-Fi and the user won’t be spending a lot of money.

The Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi system includes the following components:

– Trends TA-10.2P Class-T Power Amplifier(Body)
– Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier(Body)
– Trends PW-10 PSU
– Trends QB-773 Audiophile Audio Cable
– iPhone to RCA Audiophile cable
– Power Cord
– Cables x 3 (Red, Yellow and White)

Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi system is now available.

The suggested retail prices are only US$590 (incl. Chinese 6N11 Tube), US$630 (incl. Russian 6H23n Tube) and US$630(incl. USA 12AU7 Tube).
For more information or interested to become their resellers, you can contact their dealers near you or visit their web site at or by email at

About Trends Audio.

Trends Audio is a Hong Kong based company working in audio/video and multimedia production.
Since the release of Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier in 2006, Trends TA-10 Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier has won the most award-winning product in its category.
Trends Audio’s products have become legendary for their compact design, performance and reliability in high end audio market.

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