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HQ CD Great Voices Vol 1

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It’s rare enough to be impressed by music coming from a CD, not to keep it for myself.
That’s why I’m happily sharing my favorite thing of the moment.

Great Voices Vol 1 from in-akustik

in-akustik Reference Sound Edition
Various artists specifically picked for their singing.
Label : in-akustik
Origine : germany.
Title of the CD : Great voices vol 1
Genre : Blues, pop, rock, folk, country, funky.
Format : CD
Sound recording & mastering : Stockfish Records. Among other
Distributors : MVD in USA.
Sortie : 2011

Just like me, you should be curious to know more about the editor’s approach to produce such a CD, in a situation that defines new digital standards.
So I had a conversation with Mr Bernhard Roessle.

We love the care brought to the artistic quality and the mastering.

System using while listening

Hifi set up

En cours de lecture sur mon système hifi de référence

  • Player CDP integris (made in Canada)
  • Power amplifier Gemincore under dressed AR 110B
  • Consonance D-Linear 15 power conditioner
  • Genesis 7.2p loudspeaker.

Multimédia set up

Mon système multicanaux de référence

  • Universel player Marantz UD7006,
  • Receiver Yamaha 1065,
  • Mono block Gemincore class D,
  • Pure AV power conditioner,
  • Acoustic panel 2DmkII diffusor and tripode Art Métal rack from inovaudio (made in Canada),
  • Genesis 7.2p loudspeaker.

Personal questions

Mr President, what lead you to found Inakustik?

I’m not the President of in-akustik. I’m the Head of A&R. in-akustik has been founded by Mr. Guenther Sumser with the idea that a HiFi chain sounds just as good as the worst link in the chain, and here for you do not need just the electronics – great cable is needed as well: The motto: Pure sound rather than background noise. I joined the company in January 1985 when it was still small in order to build up a music dept.

What still makes you thrilled?

It is the music Virus that flows through my veins. And to discover always something new and still experiencing the « Aha Effect » even after more than 30 years in the music business.

What kind of music do you usually listen to and who are your favorite artists?

A very wise man once told: « There are four genres of music only: Good music and bad music. Music that can be sold and music that cannot be sold. » The range of music I’m listening to is very wide – from Tchaikovsky to Gossip. You’ll be surprised – I do not have favorite artists. There’s too much great music going on.

Do you think there is a link between music and wine? (we opened a captivating subject that interests our readers).

Absolutely, there is a link between the senses of hearing and taste. While drinking beer you’re in a different mood than drinking wine.

Do you own a hifi system at home?If yes what are its components?

Yes I do have an equipment which I would name premium. It exists just of a Sony Player, Amplifier and Sony Loudspeakers Esprit 9.

Who is Inakustik by the way?

in-akustik is part of the Braun group. Whilst in-akustik has been committed to the utmost in pure sound and sharp pictures for over 30 years, other companies in the group have not been any less passionate: Brawa is known as the « Rolls Royce » of model railways and produces them with a love of detail. Braunkabel, manufacturer of data and sensor leads, creates connections out of passion. All of us stand for high-quality products and uncompromising dedication to detail.

The three feet of in-akustik are: Cables & Accessories / Music & Media / Ambien Tech.

Great voices vol 1 by in-akustik

General questions on the CD:

First listen of Great Voices Vol 1 and first assessment: we hear the Inakustik signature, the bass is abysmal, not to say very present, is it meant that way?

It is absolutely meant this way. I’m a big fan of a bottom in the music. We’ve testing around for about a year to find a way to improve the sound in line with our expectations.

Should we take precautions to protect our acoustic speakers?

Not at all. Our intent is providing great music in best sound quality. We are not hunting for gimmicks – the sound is speaking for itself.

How do you obtain this result?

This is a very technical process. With a very special dynamic stereo-equalizer derived from the LP technology the method could be called « Optimized spatial representation ». It also improves the dynamics and enhances the low frequencies.

Reference Sound Edition, is it on the side of usual productions?

Due to the enormous effort during the mastering process, this series will always be a special one.

Are you creating a new approach to the CD sound?

No, just to get the best out of a CD. Our endeavor is the pure sound and everything that makes for perfect listening pleasure.

in-akustik take care on the CD profile and packaging

Can you tell us more about HQCD?

HQCD can be played on all Compact Disc players.
Using Quality polycarbonate which is used for LC TVs and plastic lens, Highprecision pit transcription can be achieved with this new material. The transparency and very low birefringence contribute to quality sound production.
Silver alloy is its reflective layer material. With its better reflectivity, sound which is closer to its original master made possible

There are several musical pieces from the catalog Stockfish Records, what are your relationships with this label?

in-akustik and Stockfisch are in a business relation since over 10 years in the way of in-akustik being the German distributor, Stockfisch is doing mastering work for in-akustik as well as we are swapping common ideas.

Is Great voices Vol 1 going to be succeeded by other editions?

Just now we have released « Great Voices, Vol. 2 ».

At present time we are working on following other editions:

    * Great Guitar Tunes

    * Great Cover Versions

The musical style on the CD Great voices Vol 1 is pretty similar, would you ever consider opera?

Good question – never thought about this yet.

I notice there are more masculine voices, why that choice?

This has not been done by purposes. Making a selection like this you’ve to listen to a couple of hundred tracks. On Vol. II it is vice versa.

Back to the cover

Acoustic instruments are honored, what microphones do you use for sound recording?

For a compilation like this originated by various labels and recordings there is no chance to name this.

What should get more credit for this beautiful sound, sound recording or mastering?

If you ask a music lover everything what interests me is the result: The beautiful sound. What’s done behind is not of interest when listening.

If you ask a technical interested person there is definitely a curiosity for the mastering process.

This is a CD version of a 44.1 resolution, how do you explain such a dynamic on this CD Great voices Vol 1?

Sound and Dynamics are created the person behind the board. As you can hear a common CD offers much more than people are thinking. You just need to get the best out of it.

Do you have an HD version to download?


Was the process you used to make Great voices Vol 1 expensive?

Yes and no. It all depends on what you mean by « expensive ». Several factors are influencing the price:

    * The selection of the tracks which takes various weeks;

    * The Mastering process itself which is very time consuming;

    * The replication of the HQCD which costs 5 – 6 times more than a common CD;

    * And of course the extensive packaging.

Double sleeving

You’re aware that consumers often complain about the poor quality of CD recordings, what is your answer to them?

I’m pretty much aware of this. But it is not the CD itself, which is causing the problem here is how different labels like Chesky, Stockfisch a.o. are proving.
The sound is influenced by the ear of the man who sits behind the devices.
The excessive use of technical equipment means that the sound may sound cold, harsh and sounds like hindered by a curtain. If you are playing a CD and you see the peak level constantly in the same position where there will be audible dynamics.
In broadcasting, etc. trimmed suitability can be no natural sound. The CD is just the end-result and cannot give more information than received.

My oldest in-akustik reference is a great album from Blues Company (Cold Rain), did you do better in that genre since then?

We are still doing very well in this genre.

What makes Inakustik different from other CD labels?

Our passion and love to what we are doing.

Where can our readers buy this CD?

If you can’t find it in music or HiFi retail, a mail-order company like Amazon is always a good source.

Great voices vol 1 by in-akustik, became a reference


Everything is contrast but in calm and relaxation.

We are delighted to reunite with old friends, artists preceeded by their reputation, I’m thinking especially about Chris Jones, who after his disappearance leaves us his famous « No sanctuary here » that we’re never weary of; especially on this energetic version.

Miller Anderson makes us capsize between Bowie, Chris Rea and Clapton.

Philipp Fankhauser reminds me of the very missed Otis Reading.

Patrick Largounez & Friedmann, in french please, makes me furiously think about Angelo Branduardi and Louis Cheddid’s styles.
Michael Schenker & Gary Barden, we’re completely flirting with Europe and Asia.

The first seconds listening to this CD were quite unsettling, I have to admit.

Not because of the quality of the recording, but more because of the tone and the bass that makes us lose our usual bearings.

Past the adaptation stage, everything comes back into place, but it is certain that we’re facing a different, atypical production.

I retain a ubiquitous bass, solid, ample, that will delight the keenest of you who own a system able to reach this goal.

The rest of the spectrum isn’t waiting to carry its voice, the whole thing is perfectly integrated.

The subjective dynamic is effortlessly audible, whatever the sound level.

Certainly, all of this isn’t quite natural, we understand that to get a sound with such caracteristics demanded hard work behind the mixing desk and that’s also what makes it remarquable, using the technique to serve the senses.

Anyway, the efforts are largely rewarded, the whole album is good, there’s nothing to throw away.

If you already have some dispositions regarding sonority and you’re a fan of what usually produces Stockfish Records, there’s no doubt you’re going to love it.
You’ll have the pleasure to find some artists from the Stockfish Records catalog.

This great voices vol 1 made me discover artists that I didn’t know or didn’t know well, enough to bring my CD collection up to date.
All these artists united on a same CD make us travel from one style to another, bring back memories, bring us back to artists forgotten or no longer with us, to styles we wouldn’t think of.

I like compilations for that reason.

I recommend this album that I am sure will wake up your system and your senses, by the particular presence that comes out of it.

Highly Recommended record, editor choice

What beverage and what food?

My advice listening to this CD: a good Porto or a Pineau des Charentes ice cold. But for the boldest of you a Kir Royal with blackberry or raspberry. Prepare in advance ice cubes made with fruit puree or a scoop of sorbet about 2cm, and let it melt slowly on the bottom of your flute (1 scoop per glass), which will create a charming shading of color and deliver the taste of the fluid stronger as you drink it.
Drink with moderation.
Considering the contrast of the music refered to, I would accompany the listening with tapas and salads, why not a shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, followed by grilled meat + potatoes dauphine and tomatoes provençales, to end with a strawberry soup with whipped cream, the Quebec strawberry season is starting, so take advantage of it.
I also suggest something crunchy, some almond tuiles or Tarte Tatin on shortcrust pastry…
Bon appétit and good listening.

The thought of the moment :
Life offers us 2 things, the reality of existence et the faculty to adapt to it.

This article was written by Marc PHILIP, independent writer, all rights reserved, copyright 2012, texts and pictures are property of the author and the magazine, under licence creative commons.

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