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Helix by PosiMotion

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PosiMotion is pleased to announce that the Helix, a gaming accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch, is now available in Best Buy stores.

It can be found in the Best Buy Mobile section, as well as ($19.99USD).

Helix by PosiMotion

Helix has a grip-enhancing soft touch that vastly improves gaming performance. Both extremely light and portable, Helix offers a sleek aesthetic and ergonomic design for enhanced playing comfort and control.

Features include:
• Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch 2G, 3G
• Devices fit securely in portrait and landscape orientation
• Comfortably wide handles for accurate steering control
• Sturdy, durable construction
• Simple wire management
• Ideal for racing, first person shooters, action RPG’s, flight simulators, side-scrollers… virtually any game.

Check out the new Helix video at:

For more info about Helix, visit

Brian Beighle
386.238.8726 ext. 306

About PosiMotion LLC
PosiMotion is a Florida-based, cross-platform company with core strengths in programming, developing, publishing, and creating accessories for the iPhone and Android platforms.
As a service provider, PosiMotion handles high-value intellectual property (IP) for some of the largest companies in the world. G-Park, PosiMotion’s flagship app, has been internationally featured on Apple’s iPhone television commercials.

Please visit for more info.

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