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Genesis 6.1 honored

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Genesis 6.1 honored with the 2010 Golden Ear Award by The Absolute Sound

Seattle, WA – Genesis Advanced Technologies, manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems is honored to announce that the Genesis 6.1 loudspeaker was conferred the 2010 Golden Ear Award by Mr. Steven Stone for The Absolute Sound magazine.

Genesis 6.1 Awards winning

The Genesis 6.1 has won numerous awards since its launch in 2003 – these included the CES 2004 Design and Engineering Innovation award, the 2005 Writer’s Choice on Positive Feedback and 2006 Editor’s Choice in The Perfect Vision Magazine.

While the G6.1 was discontinued in 2009 after a 6-year production run, the Golden Ear award by The Absolute Sound recognizes stand-out components that are both new and long-time references.
“We are particularly honored to be receiving this award at this time,” said Mr. Gary Leonard Koh, President of Genesis Advanced Technologies. “Just because we discontinued it last year does not mean that the G6.1 is obsolete or no longer relevant. In fact, it is testimony to the longevity of the Genesis designs that this award comes seven years after the launch. We thank Mr Stone for the award, and trust that the G6.1 will make magic for him for many years to come.”
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About Genesis Advanced Technologies
Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems with a worldwide manufacturing, design and sales organization with a commitment to absolute fidelity™, in product, service and performance. Genesis develops loudspeaker systems, amplifiers and accessories for music lovers worldwide.
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