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Davone Rithm

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Davone Rithm

I’ve just been in contact with Paul Schenkel, designer and CEO of Davone Audio in Denmark. As a result of some economies of scale, he has made a DRASTIC reduction in price to us such that we will be able to offer the Davone RITHM at a retail price of $3,995.00 per pair.

This represents a price that is more than $1,500 lower than the original retail price, and certainly re-categorizes the RITHM.

ALSO: Davone has elected to discontinue the Oak and Black color options, as the Walnut version was the only one people loved.

LASTLY: Davone is positioning to sell the RITHM in an unfinished wood, which would allow the dealer or client to have the cabinet finished in any number of custom stains, dyes, paints, etc.

This expands the potential for the RITHM to be sold into custom-install situations and into homes for which there are no « perfect » finish options available otherwise.

As always, we are looking for a few more bricks-and-mortar dealers that are looking to expand their catalog to include audiophile « crossover » products that are as appealing to look at as they are to listen to.

Best regards,

Chris Sommovigo

The Signal Collection, LLC
p: +1 678.528.8077
c: +1 404.509.5505

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