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Ciamara S10 Music Storage

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Ciamara Debuts WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Storage and Playback System
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Bel Canto Room 557

Ciamara, a vertically integrated audio engineering firm in New York, designs, manufactures, distributes and installs ultra-high end audio systems and components.

Ciamara control panel

Ciamara’s Sanjay Patel discovered the 24/192 WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Storage and Playback System and immediately realized its synergy with Ciamara’s expertise in computer audio systems. WideaLab realized they’d found a perfect distribution partner and Sanjay is now the exclusive distributor in the US. Interested dealers line up at the door and take a number!

Surrender to the Aurender!
Multi-purpose computers are no match for a dedicated, purpose-built component like the Aurender S10. With an audio-dedicated operating system, superb clocking technologies, proprietary linear power supplies for the audio boards, and a solid aluminum chassis with isolating partitions, the Aurender S10 unifies superb features, functionality and exuberant, colorful high-end sound.

The S10 features a 2TB drive, a 64G SSD (solid-state drive) and full iPad control with a beautiful integrated, thoughtfully laid out software interface. Use the USB input or simply drag and drop downloaded or ripped music files onto the S10 in popular formats like AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, and APE. Free yourself of all that plastic! Playback into your DAC of choice is a breeze using the iPad interface. The S10 offers an AES/EBU, SPDIF and TOSLink optical outputs, one LAN and a pair of USB inputs.

Computer audio aficionados as well as computer-phobic audiophiles will appreciate the quality and simplicity of the Aurender S10; it’s so easy to use! Audiophiles will recognize it as a big step forward in high-end convenience and sound for the inevitable move to server-based audio.

Your Soundcard or Mine?
The circuitry in off-the-shelf soundcards is far from ideal for high resolution playback. Several leading soundcards were originally designed for mixing multiple tracks and in high-performance audio it’s recognized that adding more circuitry effects performance. Also most soundcards use ordinary quartz crystals which are less accurate and less stable than TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators) and OCXO (Oven controlled Crystal Oscillators) clocks found in Aurender products.

Everyone recognizes that computers on their own quartz clocks sound terrible, so consumers invest in soundcards. But a little known fact is that a number of audio server manufacturers do the same, relying on the clock and anti-jitter re-clocking circuits of these common soundcards to do the job.

WideaLab understands that the word clock is the heart of any professional-level recording. The clock’s accuracy and stability is the foundation of quality recording and playback. And pros don’t rely on a clock from a soundcard! So why should high-end audio products?

WideaLab builds their own soundcards specifically for playback of high-resolution files.
They also design and build their own clock and PLL-based re-clocking modules using superior TCXO and OCXO technology plus FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays). You won’t find any evidence of these more precise clocking technologies in any other music storage and playback component.

Solid-State Drives Put You in the Fast Lane
CD players and transports rely on noisy electrical and mechanical components. There’s vibration from the drive, electrical noise from the motor, laser servos and the graphic display, and very high frequency noise from chip activity like data buffering and DSP. Without isolation these effects create jitter and pollute the analog output stages while injecting noise back into the AC line to be picked up by other components.

SSDs – Solid-State Drives – have no latency, no moving parts and virtually zero access time! The S10 goes even further to ensure perfect results with a SSD cache for best timing performance and highest resolution playback.

WideaLab designs and manufactures its own audio boards, front panel control and display modules. The S10 uses low- power circuits, excellent shielding and mechanical damping, careful case design, and built-in effective AC power conditioning.

The S10 features a high-quality switch-mode power supply for non-audio boards and linear power supplies for the audio circuits.

Let’s Get Ripped!
There are two ways to rip to the S10. Buy a standalone CD drive with a USB output. When connecting and inserting a CD the S10 reads the data and downloads the track and artist information from online databases; easy enough for anyone. Or rip from your computer using XLD on a Mac or EAC on PCs. Tagging techniques keeps everything neat and tidy. Your iPad or the AMOLED display keeps you informed!

See and hear the Aurender S10 in Room 557!
Once you Surrender to the Aurender you’ll never go back!

Sanjay Patel • CEO • Ciamara Corporation
Manhattan Showroom: +1 212 233 2898 • Mobile: +1 917 575 4708
Email: • Web:


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    you have nice blog.,Everyone recognizes that computers on their own quartz clocks sound terrible, so consumers invest in soundcards.

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