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CES 2010 part 2

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I have attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is the biggest gathering of the audio, video, photo and electronic industry for amateurs and professionals. There is no competition as to the fact that the Las Vegas’, Nevada, CES is the high mass of our industry and an event not to miss if you want to be in the loop regarding the most innovative products of today and tomorrow. I invite you to follow me through the hallways of the 2010 salon.

Part 2:

For a beautiful start to this second part of the documenting of the CES 2010, I would like to present Parrot design. This is a French team very dedicated to the presentation of their show – a very rare and appreciated attribute.

Enceintes sans fil + station iPod

In 1994, Henri Seydoux founded Parrot with one idea in mind: “Installing a hands-free kit in every car”.
Parrot puts in place the first wired kit for cars in 1998 and its first wireless Bluetooth ® kit in 2001. This is the start of an internationally recognized success.
Henri Seydoux distinguished himself at young age by mastering 3-D imagery.

Parrot design presented a line of mirror picture frames and wireless hi-fi loudspeakers (via Bluetooth ® technology) at the CES 2010.

The sound of the latter immediately struck me and I liked it. Actually it was the sound that made me stop by their stand. It was only a little iPod on a loudspeaker with a very beautiful design and trendy colors, i.e fancy, but elegant.

Phillipe Starck designed these loudspeakers, maybe justifying their design. A long robe flared at the bottom, resembling a musical instrument – everything is permitted, one just has to let their imagination run, it was the declared goal.

Le drone vu par Parrot

I was struck by another surprise on the Parrot stand.
Parrot design diversified by going towards another project representing the prototype of what would be a futuristic quasi virtual videogame. I will explain.

Le drone du virtuel à la réalité, voire l'inverse

The idea is to use an iPod to make a drone, with 4 electric motors, run and transport from real life into a video game décor. The video game scenario is seen through a TV screen. I though the idea was brilliant, just like the other two products of this brand.

The wireless MMS picture frame is set up to receive photos from a cell phone or via internet. It has its own IP address and posts any picture instantly, whether you are on the other side of the planet or anywhere in between, you can share the present emotion with your friends and family. All you have to do is upload your photos and instantly your entourage, far or close, will see the images and live the moment with you – very well thought out.

Moreover, this frame is permanently a mirror, should have thought of it, it seems so obvious. I invite you to check this out by going on their website: http://www.parrot.com/grande-specchio/fr/

Prix d'innovation au CES 2010

As well as the designer, Andrée Putman’s, homepage : http://www.parrot.com/fr/produits/cadres-photos-numeriques/andree-putman

The wireless loudspeaker, 100% transportable, allows you to listen to your music anywhere and at any time. It will easily find its place in your home and will remain mobile. Parrot’s global design is: simplicity, design, and high end technology all in one.

There is nothing else to say then than Bravo! Bravo for providing appliances that can be used by the whole family without any restrictions. This can be called living the “Parrot life style”.

The drone remains the most stunning toy of the presentation.

A personal message from my daughter: hey, Mr, Seydoux, I want one too!

For more information on Parrot, check out www.parrot.com or contact :


Vanessa Loury
Tel. +33 (0)1 48 03 60 58/ 06 86 56 81 33

PLEON pour Parrot
Céline Cattoen / Aurélie Vinzent
Tel. 01 53 04 23 00

Taiwan Electrets Electronics Co., Ltd.

Here, I stumbled upon a very nice product. These are little speakers, flat and flexible, that are perfect for office use. They work connected to an iPod, computer, or any other portable device. They are modestly loud, with a maximum of about 10 watts, but it is plenty to listen to music at your desk. I can testify, they work really well, otherwise I would not be telling you about them!

Electro Static speaker T E E C

The sound that these panels are able to reproduce is simply mind blowing. They function on the electrostatic principle – current passes on a thin film where miniscule conductors are housed. Even though they are extremely light and require only a few watts to work, they are able to give an astonishing frequency response.

Membrane de haut-parleur ultre fine Electro-Static

At about $100 for the pair and its external amplification system, these speakers are a great start for a small, affordable audio system; especially that they can be placed on a wall, allowing for great space management. It also comes with a small box beam, an indispensable extra.

Taiwan Electrets Electronics Co., Ltd.

Manager Corey Huang
7F-3, No. 9, Prosperity 1st Rd.
Hsinchu Science Park
Hsinchu City 30078
Taiwan (Republic of China)
e-mail : corey@tw-teec.com
Manufacturer Website: www.tw-teec.com

Artemis Labs

made in USA

This analogical turntable manufacturer present an original system based on products made in the USA and of which they were very proud.

Système hifi Artemis CES 2010

The system consisted of :

  • Platine Artemis Labs SA-1S : 11 000$
  • Turntable SA-1S Artemis

  • Platine Artemis Labs SA-1
  • Turntable Artemis SA-1

  • Bras Artemis lab : 3500$
  • Cartouche Artemis Labs T-1 : 2900$
  • Pre Phono Artemis Labs PL-1S (65db) : 5500$
  • Pre Phono Artemis Labs PH-1 (55db) : 3500$
  • Pre Ampli Artemis Labs LA-1 : 3500$
  • Pre Amplifier Artemis Labs LX-1 : 6500$
  • Amplificateur Artemis Labs LSP-1 (18 watts) : 18000$
  • Amplificateur Artemis Labs DP-2 (10 watts) : 10000$

With the current infatuation over digital solutions, who would’ve thought that there still would be a few analogue diehards that would quasi-exclusively manufacture and continuously develop such products.
This is probably the main reason why, other than its products excellent quality, Artemis is discussed in our columns.

I have attentively observed and concluded that in every assembly detail, in particular the tone arm, this is art!

When it came to sound, it was acceptable, enough dynamism to believe it. Actually, I found the overall result very interesting. Taking into account the context, it was the sound to conception qualities that got to me.

Artemis has beautiful devices for experienced and wealthy music lovers.

Artemis Labs

679 E. Easy Street, #E
Simi Valley, CA 93065
United States
e-mail : info@aydn.com
Manufacturer website :www.artemislabs.com

Cable Research Lab, Inc (USA) et LP Alphama loudspeaker (Portugal)

Système CRL et Alphama au CES 2010

This is a successful collaboration between Chip Watson, President of Cable Research Lab, and Luis Pire, Portuguese manufacturer of acoustic speakers LP Alphama. Notice the presence of a Basis Signature analog turntable in the proposed system, very popular at this year’s CES.

Luis Pires presented himself for the first time at the CES with two acoustic speaker models that would hopefully be distributed in our region.
Considering the quality of his product and the realistic price, I am not worried on the success the brand would have.


Alphama is a very old region near Lisbonne, but it is also a speaker with 3 closed track-types made by Olissipo (Portugal).
A little history: Olissipo is the Roman name for Lisbon.

Alphama speaker

The loud speaker’s casket is made with an asymmetrical matrix-looking screen that helps reinforce the case while allowing a very homogenous and rich sound, associated with a realistic 3D stereo image.
The assembly and attention to detail is remarkable; a handmade chef-d’oeuvre by a Portuguese cabinet-maker artist.
Notice the appearance: it looks like a string instrument, a cello or bass, should’ve thought of it. I was awed by the amount of attention and care put into the construction of the speakers. I little marvel that I hope will soon be available on the North American market.

Specifications issued by the manufacturer :

Bandwidth – 45 to 30.000 Hz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity – 90, 0 dB
Impedance – 8 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimal
Tweeter – 25 mm, dual ring radiator
Midrange – Two 4, 0 inch, paper cone
Woofers – 6, 5 inch, paper cone
Dimensions & Weights
WxDxH – 220x3000x900 mm
Weight – 30 Kg each
Satin black lacquer
Connectors – Patented Cardas vise type design

The sales price of the Alphama model should be around $9,500.00, while the Olissipo model would be somewhere around $21,000.00.

Alphama en détail

Notez la longue pointe effilée avant sous la ligne du woofer, le concepteur de cette enceinte a tout compris lui aussi en ce qui trait au couplage.

Notice the long and sharp point below the front line of the woofer. The designer of this loud speaker has also understood their coupling concept.

Cable Research Lab, Inc.

Specialists in cable manufacturing, these are also made in the USA.

Best design pour LP Alphama speaker, Portugal.

Cable Research Lab presented its new line of cables and loud speakers at the same time.

This new series was developed in close collaboration with no other than Winston Ma, from First Impression Music, an audiophile’s disc label that we are particularly fond of at our magazine. We regularly use some of the K2 CDs as reference.
We find here a creation made of OCC copper and Bocchino connectors.

This cable series will be available on the market as of March 2010. One pair of 1-meter long interconnects will be priced at $4,750.00 (U.S.), and loud speaker cables of 1.8 meters or 6” will go for $4,500.00 (U.S.).
Obviously, it is also possible to order any length you want.

Cable Research Lab, Inc.

Président : Chip Winston
236A Commercial Blvd.
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33308
United States
Phone: (954) 491-4705
e–mail: sales@cableresearchlab.com

Manufacturer’s Website :www.cableresearchlab.com

Oracle Audio Technologies

We will remain in the topic of beautiful things and come back to Canada since Oracle is a company housed in Sherbrooke, Quebec, about one hour from our house. Ironically, we had to travel thousands of kilometers for us to see them and speak to them.

Système Oracle avec la nouvelle Delphy MK VI

Oracle presented its MkVI version of its famous Delphy analog turntable. A little jewel manufactured to perfection with an audacious design that did not age the least little bit throughout its years.

Oracle Delphy MK VI

The improvements were especially made regarding its power supply and the operating system as well as the vibration management, which we know is essential.

Oracle Audio Technologies

6136 Bertrand Fabi Blvd.
Suite 101
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1N 2P3
Tel.: 819.864.0480
Fax.: 819.864.9641
e-mail : info@oracle-audio.com
Manufacturer’s Website : http://oracle-audio.com

Musical Surroundings

Set up

Garth B. Leerer, presiding over the destiny of Musical Surroundings, did things in a grand manner and did not hesitate to book many demo stations on the 29th floor of the Venetian. All his booths paid a vibrant tribute to analog turn table, especially their arms, cells and discs.

Bras de lecture

But if I were to sum up the master piece, it is without a doubt the turntable that thrones over them all, a sublime Clearaudio Innovation Wood listed at 10 000$.

It was by far one of my favorites, having one of the most beautiful analog architectures of the CES 2010.

Platine Innovation Wood de Clearaudio

It was equipped with :

  • Tangeantial arm TT2 : 9500$
  • Cartouche DaVinci v2 : 5500$
  • Phono stage Aesthetix Rhea Signature : 7000$
  • Amplificateur Aesthetix Atlas : 8000$

Second système de Musical Surroundings au CES 2010

Musical Surroundings

Président : Garth B. Leener
5662 Shattuck Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
United States
e-mail : garth@musicalsurroundings.com
Manufacturer’s website :www.musicalsurroundings.com

Manley Laboratories Inc.

It is with pleasure that we find a Manley electronics demo centered around Gershman Sonogram loudspeakers, beautiful, good and not too expensive, topped by the fact that they were built in Canada.

Manley set up, CES 2010

Manley has actually brought it’s entire Tube electronics line to the show, that makes for a lot of stuff to travel around! They offered alternating listening sessions of a Rega Cd Player and a 3400$ iPod Stingray iTube station. Those were matched with an integrated StingrayII amplifier delivering an honorable 40W / channels.

Like usual, the Cd player has shown to be more alert then the iPod, I am still convince that it is the DAC that should make a difference when the signal is coming either from a server or an iPod. Otherwise you end up having sound but it is very ordinary. Can we still dream of a simple device, inexpensive and user friendly that could be playing good quality music without breaking the bank? I hardly believe that our Cd players sill have very good days ahead. That’s until I am proven wrong of course.

I also remember the catastrophic demo of Audio Centre at the Montreal show in 2005. They tried to make us believe that the iPod could be as good as a 14000$ CD player. It was simply pitiful.

At Manley’s everyone there were either touching or peaking at all the equipment on display. Not everyone liked their complex design but Manley has always been able to conquer the market and pin point clients that were preoccupied by the their robust look and good sound.

Manley électroniques à tubes

I have to admit that sound quality was really there but a stylish kit in a 19th century decor…not sure at all!

EveAnna Manley is now at the head of the California business and does not intend to stop there…

Manley Laboratories Inc.

Vacuum Tube Displinarian : Chris Dauray
13880 Magnolia Ave.
Chino, CA 91710
United States
Web Site : www.manleylabs.com

Pass Laboratories

As soon as I walked in the room, I was plunged in the mood of the room. Here they were standing there on each side of the room, two impressive stack-up of amplifiers. Very nice and impressive!

The middle space was used to statically expose new electronics and speakers.

  • Le pré phono XP-25 à double chassis à 10 600$
  • L’amplificateur intégré Pass Labs INT-30A à 7150$.

The back end room housed a very musical system with an impressive base reproduction, stunning when you see the space between the rear wall and the speakers ,the volume was not very loud but i twas impressive.

This system is part of the most interesting demos have seen and heard at the CES this year
I never had interest for Pass Lab speakers in the past until then. It is subject to change since their potential is huge.
Le système :

  • phono line stage XP-25
  • Analog turntable Basis Signature, Vector M4 arm vibration free
  • Double monobloc X.5
  • CD/SACD Marantz SA-11
  • Kimber cable.

Pass Laboratories

Sales manager : Joseph P Sammut III
24449 Foresthill Road
Foresthill, CA 95631
United States
Site du manufacturier :http://www.passlabs.com

Next part of CES 2010 report is in progress, thank you to your patience


Las Vegas CES 2010

Visited the web site of CES organisation : http://www.cesweb.org

This article has been written by Marc PHILIP, independent editor and reviewer, all rights reserved, copyright 2010, the text and photos are the property of the author and the magazine,under the creative commons license.

Have a great day and enjoy the music.


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