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CES 2010 – A Great Show for Wisdom Audio

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CES 2010 proved to be a very well attended show, and we were thrilled with the number of visitors to our suite in The Venetian.

Our demonstrations consisted of stereo music recordings played through an Apple TV (Apple lossless), followed by Blu-Ray Dolby True HD multichannel music recordings, and ended with two Blu-Ray movie clips. For most of the day, each day, our demos ran back-to-back every fifteen minutes, with all chairs occupied and additional people standing in the back. We had numerous repeat visitors, including some manufacturers, coming back to hear the L100i in-walls. We were told several times, « I was told I had to come hear this demo. »

That bass is coming from in-wall subwoofers? »

If you look closely at the demo wall above, you will notice that we installed an in-wall S90i subwoofer into both the left and right walls (note the small, black grills near the floor), flanking the L100is. When a clip from Iron Man rattled the entire suite with deep, defined bass, attendees shook their heads in disbelief that an in-wall subwoofer was actually doing everything below 80 Hz.

The exploded view of an S90i wall below allowed us to better explain the approach we have taken in redefining the in-wall subwoofer category. In addition, we use the same technology in our freestanding SCS « suitcase sub » (pictured right), for installations where an in-wall (or in-ceiling, or in-floor) S90i subwoofer is not possible. The SCS can be placed (hidden) where traditional cube-shaped subwoofers can’t. It can also be used with non-Wisdom speaker systems.

Learn more about these subwoofers here.

« That is the perfect solution. »

We even took one cement wall to CES. Yes, cement. Many markets in the world do not use sheetrock construction and instead pour solid walls (the perfect in-wall cabinet, by the way). To date, accommodating client requests for « hidden » speakers in concrete, brick, or masonry walls has been more than a little challenging. Wisdom Audio has responded to requests from these markets with a unique solution – our SE enclosure.

Every in-wall we offer (some over 6 feet tall) can be installed in this custom enclosure, which itself is attached to the wall forms and concrete is poured around it. The form is then removed and the SE enclosure is ready to receive the respective Sage Series in-wall speaker components. Lastly, proprietary and adjustable magnetic strips can be contoured perfectly to match the often imperfect cement wall surface, and a stainless steel, flexible grille is magnetically held in place and appears to simply float over the wall’s surface.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who came by and spent time with us in Las Vegas. We look forward to seeing you on the road as we continue to build our limited distribution network around the world. We will also keep innovating with new custom solutions, and raising the performance bar for architectural speakers. For those attending ISE in Amsterdam February 2-4, we hope to see you at the Holiday Inn at De Boelelaan 2, where we will participate in a demonstration with our distributor for numerous European markets, Genesis Technologies.

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