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Boulder 1021

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Boulder Officially Announces Immediate Release of UPnP & DLNA Network Capability Upgrade for 1021 Disc Player.
New software revision allows existing and future 1021s to be connected to a home computer network to decode streaming digital audio.

Boulder 1021 media player

Boulder is proud to announce the official release of the 1021 Disc Player’s UPnP Network Upgrade software. This upgrade will allow the 1021 to connect to a home computer network and act as a decoding renderer or DAC using UPnP and DLNA protocols.

When doing so, users can access their iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries to asynchronously stream music files stored on a home computer or NAS server to the 1021 at resolutions up to 32-bits or 192 kHz with no loss of fidelity.

Supported audio file types are ALAC, AIFF, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, MP3 and WAV. In addition, a user interface control point application on an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or Droid can be integrated into the network to assemble playlists and control the system from any location with access to the network.

The UPnP Network Upgrade software once again demonstrates the versatility of the 1021 Disc Player. The second upgrade for the 1021 instantly and conveniently gives users access to their complete library of music at their fingertips.

Standard resolutions and ultra-high resolution files are supported with none of the drawbacks of USB-based computer audio systems.
Upgrade software kits will begin shipping from the factory on 15 March, 2010.
Upgrades will be installed by authorized Boulder dealers and distributors.

Boulder will not be charging for the upgrade. All units shipped from the factory from 15 March forward will have the UPnP Network software installed.

Boulder Amplifiers was founded in 1984 to produce the world’s finest professional studio amplification and preamplification equipment before creating a full line of unparalleled home audio equipment. Boulder products have been used in hundreds of projects, including soundtracks by Skywalker Sound, recordings from Sony Studios and in the making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In addition to the 1021 Disc Player, other notable products include the 865 Integrated Amplifier, 1060 Stereo Amplifier and the world-renowned 2008 Phono Preamplifier, widely considered to be the finest phono preamp ever produced.


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