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Blueberry Hill Audio EVO-V

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Blueberry Hill Audio from Canada!

Blueberry Hill Audio

We have already talked about Blueberry Hills Audio cables with enthusiasm and we only have great things to say about them since our first trial, we decided to give Blueberry Hills Audio our first ever Magazine Audi 2009 Reference tag to their products . There is no question to why we decided to go further in our testing with their cables.


For this trial, we have used a High end approach on the analog part of the system with the use of a procedure developed by Blueberry Hills Audio, the Evolution Analog Series.


Blueberry Hill Audio EVO-1

It is quite simple; you have to connect a Step up Transformer equipped cable into the pre-phono or even better, directly into the preamp using the shortest possible cable length. This will allow for a better transmission of smalls signals.


EVO-IV Blueberry Hill Audio

The reputation of the Step up Transformer ‘on writing’ is supposed to procure gain and cancel noise, this is what we tested.

Once more Marlen played the game by giving us 3 reference cables to trial test.
The Evo components used for our testing were:
• 1. EVO-I – model EIS01 – silver type, length – 0.6m.
• 2. EVO-IV – model E4S01 – type silver, length – 0.6m.
• 3. EVO-V – model E5S01 – type silver, length – 0.6m., with 2 power supply units., two Figaro power cords
model FPH53, hybrid, length -1.5m., two Figaro DC power cords. All cords included in price of the EVO-V.
• Second power supply unit – optional, cost – $500.00.

EVO-V Blueberry Hill Audio

We have listened to the cables on many systems and for a long period of time in order to have better conclusions.
Marlen Mogilever’s principle is to simply use the preamp phono with EVO-V active module and adapt, to the best possible the impedance match with EVO-I to IV going through the already existing pre-phono.
Set up used to test EVO-I and EVO-IV successively.

Set up 1 Lin LP12 et Well Tempered

• Linn LP12 + kit Cirkus, bras Itock et cellule Koetsu Black
• Well Temperd Lab Record Player, bras Well Tempered Lab Record Player arm, cellule Audio Technica AT 32

Our LP’s has to be use for listening session

King James big band

Arthur H

Tom Waits

Peter Gabriel

To test the BBHA EVO-V we used Claude’ system (refer to the Magazine Audio‘s link)

Oracle Delphy mk III, CDP integris et Oracle CD 2500

Equipment used for our trials
• Audio-Technica AT-32,
• Zyx R100 Fuji FxSb
• Benz Ruby 3H
• Table analogique Oracle Delphi III avec bras Alphason Xenon
• Pre Phono intégré au CDP integris
• Systeme EVO-V complet et entrée phono de PS Audio GCPH modifié
• Preamplifier Classé Audio SSP75
• Power amp Classé CA400
• Loudspeakers Mirage M1si
• Monster cable M2.4

Oracle Delphy mk III

First of all, I have to say that the EVO-V is completely physically different from other existing phono inlets; it is in fact a cable equipped with a metal encased set-up transformer.

It is a Moving coil cell system only, with a sensibility comprised between 0.2 to 0.8mv and it is completely insensitive to the cell impedance, to a certain degree of course.

Branchement EVO-I et IV

It presents itself with the shape of 2 really well manufactured aluminium casing power supplies, 1 for each channel and two little box plugged between the turn table and the pre amp high level inlet.

There is also, two 120v power cords and two other power cables to plug the little box I talked about previously.

Those little box are in reality step-up transformers.

EVO-V Blueberry Hill Audio

We are finding the same spec with the EVO-VI but this one does not have the extra wire with the little box and can be used with a turn table that has Male RCA’s.

This kit is certainly not the best looking stuff we encountered, we consider the look average with all the wiring and special shaping but it is most certainly the best we have listen to!

I have had a real pleasure to use this kit for many weeks and with different phono cells. I even wanted to buy a Benz just to let you known to witch quality we are talking about. We had to make our own opinion since there is not too much info on the net on the subject. So I decided to spend a little money from my pocket just to see.

I have to say that I was quite surprised of the 27 years old Audio Technica cell we used, a real old genuine AT-32 in perfect state, barely used in fact.

AT32 Audio Technica

The difference between the EVO-V and the PS-Audio was really impressive, more space between instruments, at lot less dept noise. With a low level cell, we were able to achieve very great dynamics, solid base that sounded indefinitely deep. Quite frankly, it was a listening session quite living and realistic that put a smile on our gentle faces.

And this was not a system out of the ordinary, something we can all afford. There are probably other alternatives perhaps better looking alternative but I don’t think I could upgrade to a better sound, everything is there, you just want to go trough all your LP’s.

I have to admit that my reference up to now was a modified PS Audio but it was no match to the EVO-V.

Other fact, I could not believe that my old Audio Technica was able to transmit and play so much music.

We also tried with a ZYK R100 Fuji cell; it has been largely spoken of since we tested it with BHA products.

ZYX R100

Little coloured on the extremes notes and also giving ages to voices but I would say that its imperfections were also its qualities.

Excellent on BigBand per say.

I have also tried a Benz Ruby 3H witch seamed very interesting to try, but I could not get it to track on my model. Under microscope I was found defective to my dismay. It could have been promising.

Cellules Benz Micro, ZYX et Audio Technica

We carried on with our listening and reminded ourselves that everyday is a learning day and that is what life is all about.


Here is what I gathered after listening to different set-up for this trial.

The EVO-1 System was in fact the best in terms of dynamics, tonal equilibrium and timbre quality on the Well Tempered turn table, better then its big brother the EVO-IV. I was only a question of match. Very low noise and great dynamics on both set ups.

Concerning the EVO-V, it was my preferred set-up. I might also had to that that it is absolutely the best ever listening session we have obtained on Claude’s system. Even better then his CD player.

The EVO-V has this capacity to render dynamics absolutely breath taking. The base sounds deep and it far better then all we compared it with. Even my CDP integris Pre-Phono which uses the principle of step transformer could not sound better then the EVO-V even if it is a very good piece of kit.

With the EVO-V , we were able not only to get deep base but also getting an tonal equilibrium on the entire sound spectre. This type of procedure will make you love analog listening sessions without the inconvenients.

I confess, since we tested the BHA EVO-V, I now have more interest for analog players, even worst, I really really enjoy listening to LP,s.

I have also noted that the EVO-V gave even better results while using the second power supply. One for each channel in fact. We don’t say it enough but good power is the key.

Award Référence for EVO-V from Blueberry Hill Audio

For the second time BHA has been awarded the Reference tag for its EVO-5 system.

Points forts Strengths :

  • Overall performances that makes you discover or love analog system, ,
  • Breath taking dynamics,
  • Reducing back noise,
  • Impeccable finish,
  • 10 days satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

Points faibles Weaknesses :

  • Size,
  • Highly priced for middle class earners, nothing else comes ever close to this perfection of performances.

Contact et information

Blueberry Hill Audio

Manager : Marlen Mogilever

383 Connaught Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2R 2M1
Phone: 647-341-8757
From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time
Monday – Friday


Site web :

This article as been written by Marc Philip independent reviewer to and, all rights reserved, copyright 2010, texts and photos are the property of the author, under liscence commons:
Have nice day and enjoy your listening.

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