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Audioengine new prices

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Audioengine Announces New Lower Prices on Wireless Products


– February 11, 2010 – Audioengine, devoted to audiophile-quality sound and easy-to-use products at affordable prices, today announced groundbreaking price reductions for the Audioengine W1 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter and the Audioengine W2 Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod.

New Suggested Retail Pricing

The Audioengine W1 (AW1) Premium Wireless Audio Adapter now retails for $99 per set.
The Audioengine W2 (AW2) Premium Wireless Audio Adapter for iPod is now $119 per set.

About the Audioengine W1
Play all your music wirelessly from any audio device or computer to your Audioengine powered speakers, stereo receiver, or powered subwoofer. W1 provides
CD-quality stereo sound with no reduction in audio quality and has a 100-foot range without dropouts, static, delays or interference.

W1 Features:
· Plug-n-play, connects in seconds, no software to download or install
· Works with any audio gear, with or without a computer.
· Super-compact size, no batteries required
· Plays all music formats from any media player
· Hop feature works with up to 8 receivers or daisy-chain up to 8 Sender/Receiver pairs

Groundbreaking Price
At a new lower price of $99, the W1 wireless audio adapter is the first 16-bit, CD-quality wireless product to break the $100 price point. And with its built-in USB audio capability it can also be used as an inexpensive but high-quality wireless USB DAC.

Visit for reviews, awards, and more product information.

About the Audioengine W2

Send music wirelessly from your iPod to to any music system. W2 provides CD-quality stereo sound without any reduction in audio quality or added compression.

AW2 Features
· Simple setup
· Compact size, no batteries needed
· No remote or base station needed
· Uncompressed CD-quality, 16-bit digital transmission
· Wi-Fi technology beats Bluetooth and FM
· No DRM restrictions, plays all music on your iPod

Visit for a list of compatible iPods, reviews, awards and more product info.

Affordable Multi-Room Audio
For a fraction of the cost of a Sonos system you can have great-sounding wireless music around your house using your existing gear, including your iPod. Hop between multiple Receivers or daisy chain up to 8 Audioengine W1 Sender/Receiver sets to stream music to all music systems around your house. Both the AW1 and AW2 use the same Receiver, which is unobtrusive and easily fits on the back of any stereo system.

Both products are available for immediate delivery from an authorized Audioengine reseller or online direct from

About Audioengine
Audioengine designs and builds innovative audio products with all your music in mind. Great sound, simple setup, and truly useful features at affordable prices are what Audioengine is about. Our powered speakers and wireless products have received dozens of reviews and awards from computer audio enthusiasts as well as demanding audiophiles. For more information about Audioengine and our products visit us at:

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