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SignalScope 2.0 for iPhone

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SignalScope 2.0 for iPhone is now available for download on the iTunes App Store

With SignalScope version 2, SignalScope users can now enjoy the full features of the Pro version without having to pay full price for SignalScope Pro. Faber Acoustical’s SignalScope 2.0 includes full and partial upgrades, via in-app purchase, that unlock additional tools and functionality, which previously were only available in the Pro version.

In addition to enabling users to upgrade to the full functionality of SignalScope Pro for iPhone all at once, SignalScope 2.0 offers incremental upgrades.
Available upgrades include individual tools, such as the level meter (functionally equivalent to the sound level meter tool in the popular SoundMeter app), octave analyzer, and signal generator. Another upgrade can be purchased to enable data acquisition features, such as saving data to text or MAT files, which can then be downloaded to any Mac or PC via a standard web browser.

Available in-app purchase upgrades include:
a full upgrade to the functionality of SignalScope Pro for $59.99 (includes all other upgrades);
a Signal Generator tool for $7.99;
an Octave and 1/3-octave Analyzer tool (RTA) for $19.99;
a Level Meter tool for $14.99;
and a Data acquisition upgrade (text and MAT file data capture) with downloading to Mac or PC via a standard web browser for $19.99.

Faber Acoustical iPhone SPL and RTA

Pricing and Availability:
SignalScope is available on the App Store for $24.99 (USD). iPhone OS 3.0 or later is required. External hardware may be required for analog input capability. More information on SignalScope can be found at Faber Acoustical online. More information regarding suitable input devices for specific iPhone or iPod touch models can be found on the Faber Acoustical blog.

Download SignalScope

IOScope 1.0.1 is also available for download on the iTunes App Store

The IOScope 1.0.1 update corrects a bug that would cause a crash when trying to measure an impulse response on an iPod touch with no audio input. Some minor cosmetic improvements are included, as well.

Download IOScope

How about an iPhone-based hand-held sound level meter?

Alesis is finally supplying shield (sleds) for the ProTrack stereo iPod recorder that properly enable it to be used with iPhone and iPod touch devices (except for the 1st generation iPod touch).

Check out a photo of the complete solution

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